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What exactly are pain and suffering damages?

When you're involved in a car accident and injured because of the negligence of another driver, you may decide to file a lawsuit to recuperate some of your expenses. Some of those expenses will be easy to calculate. If you were taken to the hospital, you'll want to pay for the fees it charged. If you went through physical rehabilitation, those costs are fairly black and white. Even future expenses can be determined based on long-term care prices and inflation.

However, there's one type of damage that can be hard to quantify: pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be any of the following:

Investigations, recalls and a lawsuit arise over cheese

Health and safety concerns can arise in relation to a wide range of products. This includes food products. For example, concerns can come up that a food product has been dangerously contaminated.

Recently, contamination concerns have arisen regarding certain types of cheeses. The cheeses in question are certain soft cheeses that came from a creamery here in New York. Government findings have suggested that the cheeses are likely connected to a listeriosis outbreak that has flared up in New York and three other states (Vermont, Connecticut and Florida).

Pediatric residents and burnout

One of the types of medical professionals a child may receive care from when at a hospital is a pediatric resident. These are trainee pediatricians. A recent study looked into burnout among such new doctors.

The study analyzed the responses of a survey taken by over 250 pediatric residents. The respondents came from 11 different pediatric residency programs. All of these programs were from New England.

How can glare be combated when driving at night?

When out driving at night, there are a variety of challenging things a driver can have to contend with. Among these is the problem of glare.

A driver can face headlight glare from many different directions at night, as it could come from cars behind them, oncoming cars in front of them or be reflected onto them through reflective surfaces such as wet roads. Glare from another vehicle’s headlights could leave a driver temporarily blinded. This can create the potential for major accidents.

Harmful falls up among women

Injuries suffered in falls can have all kinds of negative impacts on a person’s life. Unfortunately, such injuries appear to be going up among women here in the United States.

According to federal data, the rate of fall injuries among women for the 2011 to 2014 time period was 51 injured for every 1,000 individuals. In contrast, in the 2005 to 2008 time period, the rate was 47 injured per 1,000. Why do you think fall injuries among women have been trending up lately?

What to do when you are falling

There are many hazardous conditions that could increase a person’s chances of falling. This includes slippery walkways, tripping hazards, broken sidewalks, broken surfaces on a parking lot and icy and snowy walkways. One would hope that all property owners would keep their properties free of such hazards. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, a property owner’s negligence regarding walking surfaces leads to visitors suffering falls.

When a person suffers a fall on someone else’s property, can they pursue legal action over the incident? They might be able to, depending on the circumstances of the fall. Among the details that can be important in this respect is how the property owner acted when it comes to the safety of the walking areas on their premises. When a person falls at someone else’s property, speaking to a skilled attorney can help them get a picture of what the legal options are in their particular case.

The eye injury risks of laundry pods to young children

Eye injuries to young children can come about in a range of ways. This includes chemicals splashing into a child’s eye. Among the household products that contain chemicals that can be quite harmful when they get in a child’s eyes are laundry detergent pods. So, eye injuries are among the things that can result from a young child getting their hands on such a pod and the pod bursting.

A recent study suggests that laundry-pod-related eye injuries to young children have gone up considerably in recent years.

Proper diagnosing of foot and ankle injuries important

It can be a very serious matter when a medical condition isn’t accurately diagnosed. And this isn’t just the case with high-profile potentially fatal conditions like cancer. There are all manner of illnesses and injuries for which a missed diagnosis could have major long-term consequences for a patient.

Take, for example, a class of injuries that are rather common here in the U.S.: foot and ankle injuries. A recent report by orthopedic surgeons looked into the potential impacts these types of injuries going undiagnosed or misdiagnosed can have. Turf toe, Lisfranc injuries and fractures were among the foot/ankle injuries the report looked at.

Can I file a lawsuit if I'm injured on an icy sidewalk?

New Yorkers are typically very accustomed to dealing with cold-weather conditions in the winter. When the temperatures dip and precipitation falls from the sky, be it in the form of snow, sleet or rain, the streets and sidewalks can become extremely treacherous. And while you may know what you need to do to reduce the risk of slipping and falling, we are all subject to the laws of gravity and if you lose your footing you could go down hard and suffer a serious injury.

Fortunately, New York holds property owners legally responsible for clearing the ice and snow that accumulates on the public sidewalks outside of their premises. Failure to keep the sidewalk ice-free and safe could result in a property owner being issued a fine.

Total traffic deaths down in NYC, but some types are up

The ramifications of traffic deaths are massive. One would hope New York City would see as few of these tragic incidents as possible.

Recently, preliminary statistics have come out on traffic fatalities in the city in 2016. Reportedly, New York City, overall, saw 229 traffic deaths last year. This total is down from the previous year and reportedly is the lowest total the city has had in a century.

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