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How can glare be combated when driving at night?

When out driving at night, there are a variety of challenging things a driver can have to contend with. Among these is the problem of glare.

A driver can face headlight glare from many different directions at night, as it could come from cars behind them, oncoming cars in front of them or be reflected onto them through reflective surfaces such as wet roads. Glare from another vehicle’s headlights could leave a driver temporarily blinded. This can create the potential for major accidents.

So, how drivers respond to the problem of glare can be of great importance. There are steps drivers can take for trying to reduce the dangers of glare when they are out on the roads at night. These include:

  • Properly positioning one’s side mirrors.
  • Properly adjusting the settings on one’s rearview mirror.
  • Not looking directly at the headlights of oncoming vehicles.
  • When one encounters particularly blinding headlights in front of them, looking to the right and down.

Understanding what they can do to respond to the situation can be very important for a driver when they are facing challenging circumstances. This is not only the case for safety challenges that appear on the roads, but also for difficulties that come up when a driver is pursuing compensation after being hurt in an accident. Such difficulties could include things like problems with an insurer or challenges with figuring out all the details of their crash. Knowledgeable legal advice can be of considerable help when such difficulties come up. So, when a driver is hurt in an auto accident, such as a nighttime crash, they may want a skilled car crash lawyer’s guidance throughout the process of pursuing compensation.

Source: The Day, “Staying safe when driving at night,” Feb. 18, 2017

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