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Construction Accidents Archives

No Injuries Reported in Scaffolding Collapse in New York

Even as the New York Department of Buildings has been boasting of an improved safety record, and a drop in the number of construction accidents, there has been a series of incidents in the sector recently. One such incident involved a scaffolding collapse in Queens.

Construction Crane Accident Causes Damage on WTC Site

A construction crane accident involving a crane that slipped on the south side of the WTC tower under construction caused some property damage, but no injuries recently. The accident occurred when a beam was being lifted on the south side of the World Trade Center.

New York Worker Killed in Trench Collapse Accident

A worker was killed in a trench collapse accident that occurred at a New York City construction site recently. According to reports, the worker suffered serious injuries when he was buried by a collapsing wall in the trench. He was rushed to the hospital, but was declared dead.

Defects Found in Crane Involved in Manhattan Accident

Investigations have found several defects in a crane that was involved in a deadly construction accident at a Manhattan site earlier this month. The accident occurred when the upper section of the plane broke off, and fell. The accident killed a worker from New Jersey.

New York Construction Company Cited for Scaffolding Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited a Brooklyn, New York-based construction company for scaffolding violations contributing to the near-fatal fall of a worker last year. The worker fortunately survived the 80-foot fall, but the agency found a number of violations including scaffolding maintenance and fall protection violations at the site.

Drop in New York City Construction Accidents

The year 2011 had both good and bad news for New York construction accident lawyers. The good news was that there was an 18% drop in construction accidents across New York City between 2010 and 2011. The bad news was that this decline did not exactly translate into a sharp drop in fatalities. There were 5 deaths in construction accidents during the same period of time.

New York Court Dismisses Lawsuit Seeking to Block Crane Safety Rules

A New York court has dismissed the idea that state rules that are meant to protect the public are preempted by federal rules committed to protecting workers. The decision came in a claim that had been filed by the Steel Institute of New York.

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