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Legal assistance for defective product injuries

Advances in technology have truly revolutionized the way we live our lives. From the cell phones that allow us to contact our loved ones when we are apart to the cars that allow us to get to work and school, we employ hundreds of devices on a daily basis. While these products are designed and tested to ensure that they are safe for consumers, there are always risks that a product could cause harm to its user.

New York Product Liability Statute of Limitations

In modern society, there are hundreds of products that are vital to our daily lives. We need our refrigerators to keep our food fresh; we need our cars to get to and from work; we need our phones to contact clients and schedule important meetings. A defect in any of these products can cause serious inconveniences in our lives, and in some extreme cases, they could even cause death.

Defects to Hyundai vehicles could cause accidents

One of the most frightening things about defective products is that the defect may not be readily apparent. You could be using a defective product at this very moment and not even know it. In most instances, the defects aren’t known at first, and if a defect is found, the product is recalled, but if you aren’t looking, you might not know that a product is being recalled. For example, if you drive a Hyundai Santa Fe SUV, a Hyundai Veracruz or a mid-size Hyundai Sonata sedan, your life could be at risk.

Faulty buckles lead to almost 2 million recalled seats

We suffer product malfunctions on a near daily basis. Whether it’s the air conditioning not working, a leak in the faucet or even being unable to put your phone in sleep mode, many of these malfunctions are minor annoyances that don’t seriously affect our day-to-day lives. However, some defective products can cause much more significant damage than others, and in certain circumstances, they can cause severe injury or even death. Companies are responsible for ensuring that their products are made with quality, and they are liable for any damages that their defective products could cause.

GM hopes to bring product liability case to Manhattan court

Everyone knows that the law can be used to help victims of things like burglary and crime or to resolve disputes such as divorce or child custody, but some people might not know that legal protection extends to defective products as well. For example, if your water heater overheats and catches fire, it can deal significant damage to your house and property. You might just write this off as a freak accident, but if the water heater is poorly designed, you could be compensated for the damages.

Defective product forces General Motors to recall cars

The average American expects a certain standard of quality, particularly when it comes to their technology and devices. We want our phones to work reliably so that we can communicate to our loved ones and co-workers. We expect our cars to work safely and efficiently so that we can make it to the grocery store and buy food for our families. Occasionally, the products that we expect to work well have malfunctions. While these malfunctions are often minor annoyances or manageable problems, they can sometimes have much more serious consequences.

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