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Woman Sues For Injuries After New York City Building Explosion

A woman from New York City recently initiated a suit against a building owner and Consolidated Edison, the energy company, over an explosion that took down two apartment buildings. The plaintiff is a 46-year-old woman of Harlem. She is the first victim to file suit over the blast, which was deadly.

According to the lawsuit, the woman experienced both severe and long-lasting injuries when the explosion, over one block away from the woman’s residence, caused her to fall to the ground. The lawsuit names Consolidated Edison and the owner of one of the damaged apartment buildings. The plaintiff asserts that the defendants were negligent in failing to keep the premises in a safe, secure and proper manner.

Premises Liability Lawsuits

In New York, premises liability lawsuits concern injuries that occur on properties. Often, this law deals with harm resulting from issues at grocery stores, hotels, office buildings, streets, apartments, construction sites and more. In general, virtually all commercial businesses or residential locations have the obligation to keep premises safe.

The most common example of a premises liability is a puddle of water on the aisle floor of a grocery store. If the property manager fails to address the wet spot in a timely manner, someone could slip as a result of such inattentiveness. Injuries sustained because of poor maintenance can be costly, and a plaintiff could seek recovery from the storeowner.

The aforementioned story is unique, however, in that the alleged poor maintenance of a one residential building purportedly caused an injury, which was off the premises. Nevertheless, the personal injury matter ultimately concerns maintenance issues of a property, which relates to the building owner’s lawful duties.

According to the suit, the energy company and building owner were careless or negligent in their maintenance of a particular apartment building. This, in turn, resulted in the plaintiff’s injuries. Though she was distanced from the property, in the suit she alleges that the explosion at the apartment building ultimately resulted in her harm.

Most premises liability lawsuits involve the following issues:

  • Elevator accidents
  • Tripping accidents
  • Icy or snowing sidewalks
  • Accidents related to construction
  • Poor stairways
  • Dog bites
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Assaults on the property (including parking garages or stairwells)
  • Inadequate security

If you have been harmed in an accident that resulted from poor property upkeep, you may have rights. Those injured may be entitled to damages, which can aid with medical recovery and associated costs.