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CNN has an article about construction industry gripes with all the new regulation that has resulted from the shocking number of crane accidents that have occurred in the last year.  If you dig into the article you will note that the Federal regulations have not been updated in 40 years.  This is newsworthy, but not because the construction industry is upset.  The lack of regulation of this industry is an obvious cause of the numerous deaths that have occurred across the country.  As we mentioned recently, crane accidents in New York City alone have resulted in 19 deaths this year. 

By the way, the “unwieldy” regulation that has the construction industry upset happens to be from New York City:

“the city has passed laws that require a 30-hour training course for tower crane workers, limit the use of nylon slings that hold construction loads, mandate regular safety meetings before raising or lowering the cranes, and overhaul licensing requirements for mobile crane operators.”

19 people dead and many more injured and this is considered too far.