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New York Transportation Study Provides Interesting Insights into Pedestrian Safety

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2010 | Truck Accidents

A new report on transportation in New York dispels some long-held myths, and provides an interesting look at the how’s and why’s of pedestrian accidents. According to the report:

Pedestrians are 10 times more likely to die in an automobile accident than the occupants of the vehicle. There are no surprises there for New York car accident lawyers.

27% of fatal pedestrian accidents were caused by failure of a motorist to yield, and 36% were caused by driver inattention.

80% of all fatal pedestrian accidents involved male drivers.

39% of all fatal pedestrian accidents involved private automobiles, and not as people would expect, New York taxis, buses and trucks.

The major streets are deadlier for pedestrians than local streets. These are the sites of approximately 2/3 rd more fatal pedestrian accidents than smaller streets.

Manhattan leads the way when it comes to the highest number of pedestrian fatalities per mile. Manhattanites also likely have a better understanding of their traffic situations, and are better able to avoid fatal accidents here. About 43% of pedestrian accident fatalities in Manhattan are residents of the other boroughs.

Even motorist driving maneuvers seem to be an important factor in pedestrian fatalities. Motorists making left-hand turns were more likely to strike and injure or killed pedestrians.

The data is prompting the New York City Council to take more steps to improve pedestrian safety. The report outlines the 2010-2011 action plan whose highlights include the installation of countdown pedestrian signals at 1500 intersections, engineering 60 miles of roads for better pedestrian safety, as well as pilot programs to improve visibility at left turns and test the effectiveness of 20 mph neighborhood zones.