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Four People Killed in New York Bus Accident

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2010 | Car Accidents

Much mystery still surrounds the deadly bus accident in Syracuse, New York last week that left four people dead.

The double-decker bus was on its way to Toronto, Canada when it apparently crashed into a low hanging bridge. Three men and one woman were killed in the accident. All four passengers were seated on the top deck of the bus and received the full impact of the crash. The bus, a Megabus, hit the railroad overpass and the impact almost sheared off the top portion of the bus. Several passengers were injured in the accident, many of them critically.

According to investigators, the bus was not able to clear the low hanging span. Typically, there is a flashing yellow light at the site which alerts drivers to the low bridge. The driver seems to have missed this light.

However, according to the company, the bus driver was not on his designated route either. Authorities say they believe the driver missed a turn when the road split and got lost. There is no indication of why the driver was on another route. Even the route he was on was not part the alternate route that is prescribed by the bus company. Coach USA which operates Megabus, also believes the driver made a mistake while traveling on that particular route.

According to representatives for Coach USA, this was the first accident involving a company bus, since its launch in 2006. The company has assured investigators that it will cooperate with the probe.

The site has been the scene of accidents in the past. According to the New York Department ofTransportation, the railway bridge has been a factor in several accidents recently.

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