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Approximately 2,800 People Killed in Drowsy Driving Accidents in New York Annually

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2010 | Car Accidents

A new study by the AAA indicates that drowsy driving is responsible for one in every six fatal auto accidents in the USA every year. In New York, approximately 2,800 people are killed in accidents caused by drowsy drivers. Those statistics are extremely worrying to NewYork car accident attorneys, who believe that this traffic safety issue has not received the attention it deserves.

Nationwide, more than 100,000 motor vehicle accidents are attributed to drowsy driving every year. These contribute to more than 40,000injuries and lead to 1,550 deaths. In 2002, a bus accident on the Thruway outside of Victor was traced to a bus driver, who apparently fell asleep while driving the tour bus. Five people were killed, and all 50 passengers on board the bus were injured. Whether it’s the driver of a commercial motor vehicle or passenger vehicle behind the wheel, drowsy driving can have devastating consequences for all.

Some people seem to be at a higher risk for drowsy driving. Young drivers and teen motorists are more likely to be involved in such accidents. In fact, teen motorists between the age of 16 and 24 are more likely to be involved in a drowsy driving accident, compared to other motorists.The risk of drowsy driving, not surprisingly, increases dramatically between midnight and six in the morning. The risks are also greater while driving in the afternoon between one and four. You are also more likely to doze off if you’re on a long drive all alone. Shift workers and people who work on more than one job, and therefore, don’t get enough sleep, could also be at a higher risk of fatigued driving.