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New York Construction Accident Lawyers Urge Caution during National Work Zone Safety Week

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2011 | Construction Accidents

A total of 116 construction workers were killed in work zone accidents in 2009, which is the last year for which such statistics are available. Earlier this month, New York construction accident attorneys commemorated National Work Zone Safety Week, calling on motorists to watch out for construction workers to prevent a crash.

Besides the 116 construction workers who were killed in these accidents, more than 600 motorists were killed in crashes inside a work zone. Many of these accidents can be traced to a failure on the part of motorists to keep speeds low. The biggest rule of safety to follow when you enter a work zone is to drop your speeds to reasonable levels. Maintain low levels of speed while you’re inside the zone. Keep a lookout for construction workers, electrical crews, highway repairmen, and other utility contractors inside the work zone. These people may be at risk of an accident caused by speeding or distracted motorists.

When you enter a work zone, avoid tailgating, and keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front. Look out for construction equipment and barriers that may be scattered around the work zone. Look out for posted signs, and obey these diligently. Respect the rights of other workers traveling through the work zone, and avoid impatience and honking. Remember, that traffic delays are inevitable if you are passing through a work zone. If you’re traveling through a work zone in the late evening, switch on your headlights. Avoid all distractions while driving.

Most of all, remember that construction workers inside the zone are doing their job, and need to be treated with respect. These people are out on the highway in all kinds of weather to make the highways safer for you. They don’t have to be killed or seriously injured for doing so.