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Actress Sharon Stone to Pay Damages in Premises Liability Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2011 | Premises Liability

Failure to warn visitors and guests on a property about a dangerous condition can qualify as negligence, and people who are injured by these dangerous conditions are eligible to file a lawsuit alleging negligence against the property owner.

A jury in Los Angeles has ordered actress Sharon Stone to pay $232,000 in damages to a man who was injured on her property. The man, Peter Krause was a worker who had undertaken some wiring work on Stone?s property in 2006. While he was working, the man slipped and tried to hold onto a lattice to break his fall. However, the lattice collapsed, and the man tumbled down a 12 feet slope.

He suffered serious knee injuries in the accident. The man filed a lawsuit against Stone, seeking $1.5 million in damages, including loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

He alleged that the lattice was strung and not framed, and that this contributed his fall. However, Stone alleged that she had never had a lattice, but did have a chain link fence on her property. Both Krause and his employer who were on the property at the time refuted Stone?s claim.

A jury has now ruled that Sharon Stone should pay $232,000 in damages to the man. Stone was found guilty of negligence because she had an unstable fence.

Owners of any kinds of premises, residential or commercial, are required to maintain the property safely to prevent injuries to visitors, customers, tenants and guests. Owners of residential buildings, hotels, apartments, grocery stores, and other commercial or business establishments are required to eliminate dangerous conditions from their property. Failure to do so may make these people liable in a slip and fall accident lawsuit.

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