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More Than 1000 New York Pedestrians Killed in Bicycle Accidents Every Year

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2011 | Bicycle Accidents

A new study that has grabbed a lot of interest, not just in New York but across the country, indicates that at least 1000 pedestrians in New York State are injured every year in accidents that involve bicycles. More than half of those pedestrian-bicycle accidents occur in the city of New York.

The number of people actually injured in bicycle accidents could be higher, because these statistics do not take into account pedestrians who do not seek treatment for their injuries, or those who visit private doctors. According to the study, pedestrians are at risk not just from motorists, but also bicyclists. The city of New York has begun expanding its bike lane network, so this particular study has come at an opportune time. A number of bicycle lanes have been added to New York streets recently. Additionally, New York plans to set up a bicycle sharing program under which more than 10,000 bicycles will be made available for bicyclists to rent and ride.

However, pedestrians in New York are at a greater danger from negligent motorists than negligent bicyclists. According to the Department of Transportation, the number of pedestrians being injured in bicycle accidents in the city of New York has actually decreased. Further, the numbers don’t really add up to much, because they are far lower than the number of pedestrians being injured in motor vehicle accidents every year. In the city of New York alone, approximately 10,000 people are injured every year in bicycle-motor vehicle accidents that are serious enough to require a hospital visit.

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