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New York Construction Company Cited for Scaffolding Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited a Brooklyn, New York-based construction company for scaffolding violations contributing to the near-fatal fall of a worker last year. The worker, fortunately, survived the 80-foot fall, but the agency found a number of violations including scaffolding maintenance and fall protection violations at the site.

The accident occurred on September 20, 2011, when the worker fell approximately 80 feet from the top of a110- foot high scaffolding. Officers from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration?s Manhattan area office conducted an inspection of the site.

They found a number of violations, including a failure to fully plan the scaffolding. The scaffolding also lacked guardrails. They also found that an aluminum access platform had not been secured against displacement and that one construction worker had not been tied off to a safe anchorage point. Construction workers accessed work areas by scooting up and down the scaffolding frames.

The agency has cited masonry contractor Navillus Contracting Tile Inc. for these scaffolding and fall safety violations. The agency has proposed close to $40,000 in fines. According to the agency, the fact that the worker survived such a massive fall was more a matter of luck than any kind of prevention strategies employed by the company.

Employers can prevent fall and scaffolding -related accidents by implementing effective fall prevention programs to eliminate hazards.

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