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Defects Found in Crane Involved in Manhattan Accident

On Behalf of | May 8, 2012 | Construction Accidents

Investigations have found several defects in a crane that was involved in a deadly construction accident at a Manhattan site earlier this month. The accident occurred when the upper section of the plane broke off, and fell. The accident killed a worker from New Jersey.

The 170-foot crane collapsed at the site, also injuring several workers. Investigations have found that there were several defects in the hoisting system of the crane. An investigation conducted by the New York City Department of Buildings found that the there had been several problems reported with the maintenance and operation of the crane before the accident.

According to reports, the crane had only recently been inspected by the Department of Buildings on January 10. However, the crane was in operation at the time, and therefore, the inspection could not be completed. Another follow-up inspection had been scheduled for later. However, before this inspection could be conducted, sections of the crane collapsed. Work on the Manhattan construction site has been suspended.

Crane safety in New York has been a hot button safety issue. In fact, this was the 3rd fatal crane accident over the last 4 years. To New York construction accident lawyers, this accident was reminiscent of a series of accidents that occurred in 2008, killing 9 people. Since then, safety procedures have been overhauled, but as this accident shows, more action needs to be taken to keep workers safe.

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