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Defective product forces General Motors to recall cars

The average American expects a certain standard of quality, particularly when it comes to their technology and devices. We want our phones to work reliably so that we can communicate to our loved ones and co-workers. We expect our cars to work safely and efficiently so that we can make it to the grocery store and buy food for our families. Occasionally, the products that we expect to work well have malfunctions. While these malfunctions are often minor annoyances or manageable problems, they can sometimes have much more serious consequences.

General Motors has been in the news lately for faulty ignition switches in more than 2.5 million of their cars. These faulty switches can cause power to be cut to airbags and the engine simply by jostling the keys. The defective products were linked to 13 deaths. Many people now wonder what to do about the thousands of dollars they invested in faulty vehicles. Some have taken legal action, including a recent class action lawsuit filed in Manhattan. These faulty ignition switches spread far beyond New York, however. General Motors is facing over a dozen filings all across the country.

Ultimately, it is the job of manufacturers to ensure that the products they make are safe and reliable. While fatalities associated with these ignition switches make the case even more serious, the idea that someone could spend a large sum of their hard-earned money on faulty devices is disturbing to say the least. Whether you’re investing in a car, a boat or even a house, you want to get your money’s worth, and you should expect nothing less.

At times, a faulty product may create a situation where you might not be able to get your money back for it. For example, it would be extremely hard to sell back a car for the same amount of money you purchased it at after you drove it a long time before the defect was discovered. In instances such as these, a defective product lawsuit may help you recover some of the money lost.

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