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Injury on another’s premises could mean compensation

On Behalf of | May 2, 2014 | Premises Liability

People find themselves in circumstances that are beyond their control on a daily basis. For example, you can’t control if a bathroom floor is wet, and a slippery floor could cause you to slip and injure yourself in an instance of premises liability. It is the responsibility of an occupant’s owner to provide adequate warning of potentially dangerous circumstances. If owners fail to provide adequate warning, the results could be serious for uninformed victims.

An Oregon woman is facing a $275,000 lawsuit following an incident in which her pet duck allegedly assaulted a passerby in the street. The victim suffered a sprained elbow and a broken wrist. Most notable about this incident is that neighbors knew of the duck’s danger and that it had a history of violent behavior, including assaulting children at the bus stop.

While New York residents likely don’t have to worry about errant duck assaults, there are a number of very real dangers that the big city poses. From being injured on a faulty elevator to falling down a broken staircase, dangerous circumstances on a premises could mean serious injury to unsuspecting victims. Even inadequate lighting can fall under the umbrella of dangerous circumstances. Any instance in which negligence on the part of a property owner results in suffering for another, it could be an issue of premises liability.

New York residents who have been injured on the premises of another could suffer issues such as lost wages or unexpected medical bills, causing serious financial problems on top of the physical problems brought on by the accident. Fortunately for these victims, the law protects victims of a premises liability case, and proving that negligence played a part in your injury could see you compensated for your suffering.


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