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July 2014 Archives

New York family's life is turned upside down by reckless driver

The road is full of drivers, many of whom follow all of the rules and take the utmost care not to get into an accident. Most likely, you are one of those defensive drivers, and the consequences of a car accident are something that you never expected to face. Unfortunately, cars are dangerous machines, and it only takes one reckless person to cause catastrophic damage. There’s no way to tell who is or is not a safe driver, but an impaired driver is a danger to himself and his environment.

Negligent New York biker allegedly causes bus accident

Whether because their riders are trying to save on gas, or because they have to move quickly to make their deliveries on time, bicycles are a common sight on the streets of New York City. Unfortunately, due to their size and mobility, some bicyclists take liberties with the rules of the road. This can sometimes lead to unfortunate bicycle accidents wherein a pedestrian is injured or some other damage is caused. 

Suggesting only one treatment could be medical malpractice

It's not unreasonable for people to trust their doctors completely. After all, doctors receive a great deal of education to learn how to do the job that they do, and they certainly know more than the average person about medical issues. However, all doctors are different, and what one doctor suggests might not be another doctor's first choice. Sometimes a doctor who jumps to one conclusion can cause serious damage to his or her patients.

Faulty buckles lead to almost 2 million recalled seats

We suffer product malfunctions on a near daily basis. Whether it’s the air conditioning not working, a leak in the faucet or even being unable to put your phone in sleep mode, many of these malfunctions are minor annoyances that don’t seriously affect our day-to-day lives. However, some defective products can cause much more significant damage than others, and in certain circumstances, they can cause severe injury or even death. Companies are responsible for ensuring that their products are made with quality, and they are liable for any damages that their defective products could cause.

New York construction worker killed in worksite accident

The city of New York can have all kinds of hazards, from wet floors to unsafe pedestrian crossings to dangerous animals. Some of the hazards are accidental, and some of them are just byproducts of the big city, such as construction zones. As New York City continues to grow and expand, more construction is required, but construction sites can often present dangerous property conditions, even to trained workers. Most of the time, reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of construction workers, but this sadly is not always the case.

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