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Constructions zones can be dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2014 | Premises Liability

Construction workers are often expected to work in less than ideal conditions, not only because the circumstances of their workplace are subject to rapid change, but also because sometimes reasonable precautions are simply not taken. Unfortunately, many of these workplaces are very public, such as the streets of a busy city or along a major highway. These dangerous conditions can put not only the construction workers, but other bystanders at risk. It’s never easy to see victims suffer injury from a problem that could easily have been avoided.

A Texas construction worker was recently hospitalized when an object fell his head while he was working on a high-rise. Such areas are often riddled with dangerous property conditions, and this site proved to be no exception. The worker’s condition is unknown, but he had a hardhat on, which hopefully mitigated some of the damage. No information has been made available about what fell on the man’s head and what might have caused it.

As tragic as instances such as these are for construction workers, such workers are more equipped and accustomed to dealing with these dangerous conditions than most people. New York is no stranger to high-rises, and on the busy streets of New York, construction could be going on anywhere at any time. There is really no telling when a freak accident like this could occur. A sudden gust of wind could blow something over the edge of a tall building and injure someone standing below.

Accidents like this can almost always be avoided by taking more care where things are laid and how well they are secured to the floor. If you have been injured by an accident in which reasonable precaution might have prevented the injury, you could have a premises liability case on your hands. Strong legal counsel can help you make a case and be awarded compensation for your injuries.

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