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Defective product injuries could mean compensation

We have all seen the warning labels on the products we buy: “keep out of reach of children,” or “may cause irritation in contact with eyes and skin.” Many of these warnings might seem inane or unnecessary, but these warnings are as much about protecting the company behind the product as they are about keeping consumers safe. If these warnings did not appear on a product, and a consumer was injured by that product, the victim could file a product liability claim.

The most common cases of product liability occur when a product is poorly designed or a defect in the product is noticed well after the product has been released on the market. However, as we have mentioned before, it is possible that a safe, well-designed product can turn dangerous during the manufacturing process. Regardless of how the defect in a product is caused, the important thing to remember is that consumers have good reason to expect that products they purchase will not be dangerous. Products that are inherently dangerous, like chainsaws, will often come with the aforementioned warnings to deter reckless behavior.

Unfortunately for consumers, not all defective or dangerous products come with a warning. Even a product that should not require a warning could be dangerous if it is manufactured incorrectly. Consumers have a right to reasonably expect that using a product within its intended parameters will not cause them injury.

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury from a dangerous or faulty product, you could be entitled to compensation. Anything from defective car components to mislabeled or improperly filled pharmaceutical drugs could qualify you for a product liability claim. New York residents are encouraged to visit our webpage to find out more about product liability cases and find out how you can schedule a free consultation to discuss the aspects of your case.