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December 2014 Archives

Multi-vehicle accident occurs in Queens

While car accidents do not happen extremely often, one would not usually consider them rare either. Many people know that car accidents are a real threat, and they treat them as such. What are exceedingly less common but even more threatening are multicar accidents, which usually cause much more damage than a single or double-car accident, both to people and property. Such was the case recently in Queens, when a multi-vehicle crash injured 17 people, damaged two cars and a school bus, and also collided with a building.

It is not wrong to seek compensation after an accident

It does not seem necessary to tell people that car accidents are dangerous, yet even though people try to avoid them, car accidents are responsible for injuring tens of thousands of New York citizens every year. The unfortunate truth is that car accidents can happen to anyone at any time. It only takes one person slipping up for one second to cause an accident, and victims will likely be left with injuries and unexpected bills. In the worst case, victims may be killed.

Product liability statute of limitations in New York

It may surprise you to learn that there is more to a product liability lawsuit than alleging fault and proving your case. Like with many different legal matters, there is something called a statute of limitations regarding product liability cases. A statute of limitations places a limit on how long a plaintiff can bring a lawsuit regarding a certain case, and with very few exceptions, these statutes of limitations are strictly enforced.

Will the Affordable Care Act affect medical malpractice?

The nation is still learning about the various effects of the Affordable Care Act (often referred to as Obamacare). The health care reform has been the subject of much debate and controversy for years now, and many continue to dispute the success and validity of the ACA even now that it has gone into effect. As millions more people gain health insurance, one particular concern that many may be overlooking is what effect the ACA will have on medical malpractice claims.

Central park receives new safety measures for pedestrians

In many states, bicycles are a disrespected form of transportation, and bicyclists often find themselves on the losing end of collisions that were caused by the negligence of car drivers. While this may be true in parts of New York as well, there is a bit of role reversal in the city, where bicyclists play the part of large motor vehicles, and pedestrians are often the victims of serious injury. The results are bicycle accidents that can leave pedestrians in the hospital. The problem has reached the point where new safety measures are being put in place to help protect pedestrians.

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