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Multi-vehicle accident occurs in Queens

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Car Accidents

While car accidents do not happen extremely often, one would not usually consider them rare either. Many people know that car accidents are a real threat, and they treat them as such. What are exceedingly less common but even more threatening are multicar accidents, which usually cause much more damage than a single or double-car accident, both to people and property. Such was the case recently in Queens, when a multi-vehicle crash injured 17 people, damaged two cars and a school bus, and also collided with a building.

The accident occurred on a Friday afternoon in New York, and no charges have been filed as of yet. Reports indicate that two vehicles and a school bus were involved in the crash, and that the school bus had children onboard. Fortunately, none of the 15 children required medical attention, but the drivers and an employee working in the building that the bus crashed into all were taken to a hospital.

While accidents like these are few and far between, the severe damage they can cause can make medical costs and property damages even more difficult to manage financially. In instances like this, it becomes imperative that victims seek compensation if at all possible. The money recovered from a successful lawsuit could be the difference between making a full recovery without sacrificing your standard of living and struggling financially for years to come.

Of course, those who are at fault in a car accident will likely not give victims money without putting up a fight. It could take extensive legal proceedings to get you the compensation you deserve, which is why it is highly recommended that car accident victims consult with an attorney to present a strong case.

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