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January 2015 Archives

A consent form may not exempt your doctor from liability

Being ill or injured is extremely unpleasant and often you may be willing to go to great lengths to feel better. Whether this means taking medication, having an operation or undergoing some other form of treatment, you place yourself in the hands of medical professionals. Fortunately, most of the doctors and nurses in Illinois provide a very high standard of care and will do all they can to aid your recovery.

New York's icy sidewalks are a slippery ordeal to navigate alone

The weather outside is frightful. Commuters choose to take the train rather than taxi cab or personal automobile as taking to the roads seem to be inviting trouble. But what about the accidents that happen closest to home or to your destination? The first or last leg of your journey, where you truly are on foot? We are all familiar with sections of our commute that remain icy and treacherous for days after a snow or ice storm. But these hazardous conditions are actually illegal and a lawsuit can put an end to unnecessary suffering at the expense of a neglectful proprietor. 

Bicycle-pedestrian accidents in New York City

It is one thing to talk about bicycle accidents in New York City and how they threaten pedestrians going about their business in the city, but it is another to show just how real the threat is. A joint study between many different New York City Departments analyzed the fatalities and injuries associated with bicyclists over a 10 year period, and while much of the reports focus on bicyclists as victims, there is also a look at the effects of bicyclists on pedestrians.

Product liability could apply to any product

No matter how well you think you understand product liability, you may find yourself surprised by just how much it could apply to. It seems simple: being injured because of a defective product, such as a seatbelt that does not lock properly, could allow you to make a successful product liability claim. But in its simplicity, you may overlook something. It is important to remember that any product that causes injury, including things like laundry detergent pods, could be grounds for product liability.

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