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New York’s icy sidewalks are a slippery ordeal to navigate alone

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2015 | Premises Liability

The weather outside is frightful. Commuters choose to take the train rather than taxi cab or personal automobile as taking to the roads seem to be inviting trouble. But what about the accidents that happen closest to home or to your destination? The first or last leg of your journey, where you truly are on foot? We are all familiar with sections of our commute that remain icy and treacherous for days after a snow or ice storm. But these hazardous conditions are actually illegal and a lawsuit can put an end to unnecessary suffering at the expense of a neglectful proprietor. 

The unfortunate circumstance surrounding your situation is that it isn’t necessarily easy to make someone pay for your injuries even if they are to blame. You have to prove they are to blame and you have to make sure what you prove is without a doubt in its accuracy and that specific factors were not met. However, it isn’t on you to do the research, provide the level of documentation or strategize, particularly when you are having to recover from an issue related to icy, unkempt sidewalks and storefronts.

At the law offices of Godosky & Gentile we are not expecting for the defendant to go down easy and we are equipped and ready to demonstrate negligence on the part of the proprietor. We know what we have to prove and we have the capabilities of further investigating your claim.