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Hazardous conditions make driving more difficult

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Car Accidents

For some, winter may still be coming, but for those of us who live in the far northern states like New York, winter is already here in full force. Our planet’s tumultuous climate has already slammed us with a newsworthy blizzard, and with that blizzard came foot upon foot of snow. While we may be more used to driving in hazardous weather conditions than other parts of the country, that does not mean by any stretch that it is safe to drive in such dangerous weather.

Work and school may be delayed by the storm, but unfortunately they do not simply stop. We must still find ways to make it to our jobs and get our children to school, and with ice covering our roads and tires, accidents are bound to happen. One recent incident on an upstate New York highway featured as many as 34 vehicles involved in a series of collisions. Most of the vehicles were passenger vehicles, but there were four large trucks involved in the massive accident scene.

Photos of the severe accident have been shared widely across social media, showing a sea of mashed and crumpled cars. The full extent of the injuries has not yet been made apparent, but one can assume that in an accident of that magnitude, many drivers are simply unable to move their cars from the scene, either due to damage sustained or simply being locked in among the nearly three dozen vehicles. Many of the drivers and passengers are finding refuge in a pop-up shelter until transportation can be arranged and the scene can be cleared up.

It is now more important than ever that drivers exercise caution when driving, but unfortunately we know that accidents will still happen. Whether you are involved in a 30+ car pileup or a smaller two-car collision, you will likely suffer injuries and property damage. In such hazardous conditions, it can be difficult to prove which party was at fault, but if you feel that you were exercising reasonable caution, you could meet with an attorney and attempt to prove the other driver’s negligence. A successful claim could see you compensated.

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