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March 2015 Archives

New York Product Liability Statute of Limitations

In modern society, there are hundreds of products that are vital to our daily lives. We need our refrigerators to keep our food fresh; we need our cars to get to and from work; we need our phones to contact clients and schedule important meetings. A defect in any of these products can cause serious inconveniences in our lives, and in some extreme cases, they could even cause death.

Get legal assistance following a delayed diagnosis

Medical malpractice is a fairly well-known area of personal injury legal practice, but what is less commonly known is just how many different forms of medical malpractice there are. Medical malpractice refers to negligent behavior or a mistake made by a medical professional that causes further injury. Many people take this to mean an error in surgery, for example, that results in other health complications. While such a mistake would qualify as medical malpractice, there are other types of negligent behavior that may not be so obvious.

Manholes in New York could cause devastating injuries

If you live in New York City, you may want to start taking considerable care where you step. A sudden and dramatic increase in manhole incidents is becoming a serious risk of injury for all of the city's residents, and you never know which manhole might be next. New York residents may feel that manhole accidents are nothing new; the city averages more than 2,000 per year after all. But if the first few months of the new year are any indication, this year will greatly surpass the average.

What is New York?s statute of limitations for personal injury?

Premises liability may not be the most common or frequently mentioned type of personal injury, but it is nevertheless noteworthy. The injuries suffered due to a premises liability issue can be devastating, ranging from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Slip-and-fall accidents are particularly dangerous in New York at this time of year, when many roads, sidewalks, and stairways are slippery due to ice and hazardous weather. If you are injured in such an accident, know that you could file a lawsuit.

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