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What are some common causes of car accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2015 | Car Accidents

Make no mistake about it: accidents happen. As we have mentioned before, tens of thousands of people are injured in motor vehicle accidents annually in the state of New York. The unfortunate reality is that the world will likely never be accident free, but with special care and attention, the number of accidents can be significantly reduced. Simply avoiding many of the common causes of car accidents can go a long way in reducing your risk.

This article outlines many of the most common issues at play in a car accident. It may not surprise you to learn that many of them simply involve obeying the rules of the road, such as driving the speed limit, obeying traffic signs and driving while sober. The reckless driving habits greatly increase your chances of being involved in an accident, with drunken driving resulting in a fatal crash approximately once every 51 minutes in our country.

However, it is important to remember that simply practicing safe driving habits will not eliminate your risk of accident or injury. There are other factors outside of your driving that could easily contribute to an accident, and those factors involve the state of your vehicle. Ignoring or neglecting to care for your car could lead to unknown issues such as sub par brakes or worn-out tires that could make it harder for you to stop and lead to you crashing into someone else.

Unfortunately, there are many car issues that may be beyond your control as well. A defect in the manufacturing or design of your vehicle could easily cause an accident, and you may never have known about the issues. With so many different factors at play, it is highly recommended that you meet with an attorney if you are involved in an accident. A legal professional can help you investigate the factors at play in your accident and build a case to help you be compensated for your injury.