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On Behalf of | May 8, 2015 | Bicycle Accidents

Anybody who has been on the streets of New York knows just how dangerous the city can be for anyone driving or riding on the street. Many couriers are employed in the city and use bikes to quickly navigate the crowded streets, but unfortunately the dangers are perhaps even more serious for them. Small bicycles provide no protection from a collision with a larger truck, so it is understandable that bicycle accidents are often treated very seriously and leave the bicyclist with serious injuries.

Despite this, it is important to remember that there is at least one demographic that is even more at risk on the dangerous roads of New York than bicyclists, and that is pedestrians. In their haste to successfully make all of their deliveries on time, bike couriers sometimes fail to yield to pedestrians, and when a cyclist crashes full speed into a pedestrian, the pedestrian will likely suffer serious injuries.

Perhaps even more dangerous is when bicyclists choose to ignore the rules of the road. It is not unheard of for cyclists to ride on sidewalks in an effort to avoid traffic congestion, but this puts them at an even greater risk of striking pedestrians. If you are a bicyclist in New York, it is important that you remember to obey traffic laws. Just because you can weave in between stopped cars does not mean that you should.

When it comes to bicycle accidents, we understand that there are two different sides. This is why we do our best to represent both sides of bicycle accidents; whether you were riding on the road and struck by a reckless car driver or you were walking on the sidewalk and sideswiped by a bike messenger, if there was a personal injury involving a bicycle, we can help injured victims. Visit our bicycle accident webpage to learn more about our approach.