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Legal help with complex bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are an interesting case because depending on the circumstances, a bicyclist could be the victim or the aggressor. Bicycles are fairly common on the busy streets of New York, and as bike messengers or delivery workers speed about to meet their deadlines, they may cut corners when they can. This can include weaving in and out of traffic, biking on sidewalks or even biking through public areas. Such behavior can put many people at risk of injury.

If a biker ends up cycling on a sidewalk or through a park, they may strike a pedestrian and cause serious injury to the victim. In this instance, the injured pedestrian can file a claim and potentially be compensated for their injuries at the expense of the biker. However, bikes are also small relative to most vehicles, and if a biker is trying to cycle on the road, they run the risk of being struck by another vehicle. If a biker is injured by a car, then the biker becomes the victim, and the biker could be compensated at the expense of the driver.

There are few other instances in which one vehicle can so cleanly fall on one side or the other, which is why bicycle accidents can be a complex legal area. That is why legal representation for individuals involved in a bicycle accident is so important.

If you were involved in a bicycle accident, we can help. We represent individuals injured on all sides of a bicycle accident, including cyclists struck by a car or pedestrians struck by a biker. Visit our bicycle accident webpage to learn how we can help you prove who was at fault in an accident and get the compensation you deserve.