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New York playgrounds could pose serious threat of injury

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Premises Liability

If you have a child, you have likely taken them to one of New York City’s many playgrounds. Playgrounds are wonderful places that allow children to expend energy and get physical activity in a variety of exciting ways, as well as offer opportunities to meet new friends and play new games. Unfortunately, there are many dangers and hazards that children can find on a playground, and reports seem to indicate that these problems are growing worse in New York.

Back in 2007, a 6-year-old girl was having a wonderful time flying down a slide at one of New York’s playgrounds until a sharp piece of metal cut off a portion of her middle finger on the way down. Doctors could not reattach the finger, and this unpredictable, unexpected premises liability issue maimed the child for life. Six years later, the little girl’s family received more than $700,000 from a lawsuit against the city. They were not the first family to be awarded a settlement.

In fact, in only half a decade, the city of New York has lost nearly $20 million in court settlements due to playground injuries. Over the last decade, such legal claims increased by more than 50 percent, despite claims by the Parks Department that playgrounds are routinely inspected for safety and repaired when dangers are spotted.

These playground dangers are a perfect example of how dangerous property conditions and negligent approaches to repairs can cause people serious injuries. If you have been injured on a New York playground or any property owned by someone else, consider meeting with an attorney to discuss the circumstances of your injury. You could be entitled to compensation that can help you recover from your injury.

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