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There are many dangerous property conditions or possible safety hazards that can lead to an injury. These premises liability claims are among the most unfortunate types of injuries because they are often unexpected and unpredictable. Whether your child is injured because of a poorly maintained city playground or you are injured because of a fire that occurred on a property without proper safety features such as sprinklers or fire detectors, if you are injured on someone else’s property, you could file a premises liability claim for compensation.

With winter just a few months away, many in New York are preparing for the inevitable freezing weather and the icy, slippery sidewalks and streets that will follow. While native New Yorkers are certainly not uncomfortable around extreme weather conditions, it is important to note that no matter how accustomed you are to cold weather, you could still suffer an injury due to a combination of harsh weather and dangerous property conditions.

Consider, for example, walking up or down stairs in which there is no handrail or guardrail. This may not usually be a serious issue, as your balance may be good enough that you do not need a handrail to steady you. However, when the snow begins to fall and the stairs become icy, you may lose your footing on the slippery surface, and while a handrail may have been able to steady you, you instead fall and suffer a serious head injury.

This is just one instance in which a dangerous property condition could be made even more dangerous by cold weather. If you live in New York and you are injured due to a dangerous or hazardous property condition, do not hesitate to explore the option of a premises liability lawsuit. Visit our webpage to learn more about the dangers of slip-and-fall accidents, and how we can help you recover compensation for injuries that were not your fault.