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Cordless drills recalled due to fire hazard

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Products Liability

We use products of all shapes, sizes and kinds on a daily basis, expecting that they are safe because of the regulations in place to keep dangerous products off of the market. Unfortunately, dangerous products sometimes find their way into the hands of consumers anyway, either because of unforeseen flaws in design or even unintended errors in manufacturing. The good news is that when such dangers are discovered, many companies are quick to issue recalls in order to protect consumers.

Such product recalls are often widely reported, and a quick search on the Internet will inform you about any recalls that have recently occurred. It is often a good idea to lookup any product you have recently purchased or intend to purchase just to see. For example, did you know that your drill could overheat and cause a fire? If you own a cordless Drill Master drill, then you could be at risk.

Nearly 2 million of the drills are being recalled due to more than two dozen reports of instances in which an internal switch got stuck. When stuck in a certain position, the drill might overheat. If you are gripping the drill, you could suffer burns on your appendages, and if the drill is unattended, it may cause nearby objects to catch fire and lead to serious property damage.

Obviously if you have such a defective product, you should stop using it and return the item. However, depending on the circumstances it may be too late, and you may already have suffered an injury or property damage. If you have been injured by a defective product in New York, you should know that you can recover compensation with a product liability claim.

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