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January 2016 Archives

New York man killed in bicycle accident

New York City is famous for many great things including musical theater and breathtaking skyscrapers. It is also equally infamous for many things, not the least of which is the incredible traffic that often plagues the streets, with vehicles often stacked bumper to bumper without enough room even to walk in between them. With this in mind, it is honestly surprising that there are not more motor vehicle accidents in our city. Still, each accident is a tragedy, and the victims of these accidents are often never the same.

Legal defense for improperly mixed drugs

When we think of defective products, we often think of kitchen appliances, electronic devices or even power tools that could overheat and cause a fire or come apart and cause penetration or cutting injuries. It is entirely possible that such situations could arise, and such product liabilities are perhaps even the most likely scenarios, but there are other types of product liability that could cause even greater harm depending on the circumstances.

How can I tell if I have a medical malpractice claim?

Medical procedures and doctor visits almost always carry with them some measure of risk, especially if an invasive surgery is involved. No matter how much experience or care a doctor has going into a situation, every case is different, and there will almost always be some possibility of something going wrong or unexpected circumstances arising. Something as simple as prescribing a medication to which you are allergic, or something as complex as surgery complications could lead to additional health risks. All of these can lead you to wonder if your doctor was negligent.

New York resident tragically killed in elevator accident

Accidental deaths of all kind are tragedies, but it is even more tragic when an accidental death that could easily have been prevented still occurs. This is especially true when the victim of said accident is a kind hero whose last act was to save the lives of a woman and child. Unfortunately, just such an accident occurred recently in New York City, when a 25-year-old man was pinned as a malfunctioning elevator began moving suddenly as he tried to exit.

Medical malpractice can cause unprecedented injury

There are a great many different causes of personal injury, and as a result, there are a great many legal areas that provide recourse for accidental or wrongful injuries suffered by a person. The inherent dangers of these accidents often vary, with motorcycle accidents and truck accidents being among the worst, while slipping and falling may lead to lesser injuries. There is one category of personal injury that stands out for having the risk of significant and unique injuries: medical malpractice.

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