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Legal defense for improperly mixed drugs

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2016 | Products Liability

When we think of defective products, we often think of kitchen appliances, electronic devices or even power tools that could overheat and cause a fire or come apart and cause penetration or cutting injuries. It is entirely possible that such situations could arise, and such product liabilities are perhaps even the most likely scenarios, but there are other types of product liability that could cause even greater harm depending on the circumstances.

Pharmaceutical drugs are extremely important to a great many New York residents. Over-the-counter medicines such as headache relief are often taken, but visits to the doctor may require more specific medicines that require a prescription. However, these prescription drugs must be mixed correctly and with the proper dosage in order to provide the intended relief. Though it doesn’t happen often, sometimes these drugs are mixed improperly, and serious injuries can follow.

The damage from an improperly mixed pharmaceutical drug can range anywhere from mild discomfort to serious health issues that require emergency medical attention or surgery. What is most frightening about these issues of product liability is that they are nearly impossible to detect. In many cases, no amount of observation can determine whether or not a drug was properly mixed, and of course, once a drug has been consumed, it can be difficult to prove that it was improperly mixed.

There are many great health care facilities in New York, but that does not mean that pharmaceutical errors do not occur. If you have been prescribed a drug, and you feel that consuming the drug has caused additional injuries or health issues, please visit our website. We can help you build a claim to prove that your injuries are the result of a pharmaceutical drug product liability issue, which could allow you to recover compensation.