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Alleviating fears after serious injury and loss

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Uncategorized

As the economy starts to heal, so too, does the construction industry. With construction on the rise again in New York, those once vigilant in adhering to safety rules and regulations are being pulled further away from those parameters as they are more often pushed towards finishing projects on time, at all costs. Unfortunately, with this urgency to complete new construction, the risk of potential injury or death also increases. The grief felt by those left behind to continue working in the construction industry is shared amongst all those whose livelihoods depend on this line of work and their families.

There is a sense of solidarity, an unwritten rule of sticking together amongst all tradespeople. Whether that is to celebrate good news or to support one another in times of tragedy, their common bond brings them together. A New York Times recent article shared the details regarding the Mass held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan last week to honor the memories of those fallen in construction accidents over the past year. This article captured the sentiment of loyalty best with a quote by the Rev. Brian Jordan, “There is an understanding this is a sacred industry.”

While this Mass offers comfort to the coworkers still working in the industry, there is further help available to construction workers seriously injured on the job, and the family members left behind to pick up the pieces. Under sections 240 and 241 of New York’s Labor Laws, workers who are hurt on the job site can file a personal injury claim to seek compensation.

Being seriously injured on the job can leave you with many unanswered questions and fears of what will happen in coming months. How do you pay for medical bills, how do you work in the industry again, how do you continue to take care of your family? All of these questions and fears are natural. While not all of these issues can be answered immediately, seeking legal counsel from those who are experienced with construction accidents may help to alleviate your fears of financial losses by getting you the compensation you need to focus on your health, instead of on how to pay for your recovery.

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