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In spite of changes, premises hazards still exist in NYC

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Premises Liability

Perhaps you lived in the Big Apple way back in the late sixties or seventies. Or maybe your only familiarity with the city from that time comes courtesy of such movies as “Midnight Cowboy” or “Saturday Night Fever.” In either case, you are likely quite aware of the changes that the entire city has undergone.

The dangerous Times Square on display in “Midnight Cowboy” is a far cry from the tourist mecca that the area has become. Likewise, the wild Brooklyn that was home to Tony Manero in “Saturday Night Fever” has become far tamer and more upscale.

But in spite of the improvements, New York City still has more than its fair share of potential hazards. And even if a restaurant, store or other business establishment is more posh than what was at the same location all those years ago, the owners still have a care of duty to ensure that visitors are as safe as possible while on the premises. To this end, owners should keep their property well maintained and within the requirements of all applicable building safety codes.

It is all too easy for a broken stair or loose section of carpeting to cause a serious slip and fall accident. Likewise an unsecured object or fixture could fall and hit someone in the head. And these are the sorts of accidents that are completely preventable if the owner takes the necessary steps to correct problems as soon as they are discovered.

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