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Brooklyn intersection site of serious truck-bike collision

When a motor vehicle strikes a bicycle, the rider is instantly put into a life-threatening situation. While efforts have been made to help ensure the safety of bicyclists on the streets of New York, accidents still happen. And as you are likely aware, some thoroughfares are especially dangerous.

According to reports, a hazardous corner located in Brooklyn was the site of a particularly devastating collision. The corner in question is at Jay Street and Tillary Street. NYPD reported that the crash occurred when a semi-truck that was making a right turn struck a 35-year-old cyclist.

The cyclist is said to have suffered a very serious head wound and trauma to his left leg. The cyclist was taken to a hospital in critical condition. An NYPD spokesperson said that an investigation is underway. The truck driver was neither arrested nor ticketed.

The two connecting streets are both local truck routes. There has been an outcry that the city needs to change its policies and more efficiently enforce regulations regarding truck traffic on streets that have heavy pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Reportedly, this is the second serious truck-involved accident in or around Downtown Brooklyn.

Hopefully, an investigation will reveal what exactly happen and perhaps something can be done to lessen the likelihood of such tragedies continuing to plague the streets. This case also demonstrates that injured bicyclists need legal representation to hold the parties responsible liable for their actions.

If you or a loved one has been injured riding your bike, an experienced New York personal injury attorney can investigate the accident to determine liability. The attorney can work to help you get appropriate compensation.

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