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Can I hold a hotel liable for a slip and fall injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2016 | Premises Liability

For some, hotel stays are a routine part of life. For others, staying in a hotel is a special treat typically reserved for vacations or other such events. But regardless of how much time you spend in hotels, you have every reason to expect that you will be ensconced in a safe environment. To this end, the hotel’s management and staff have a duty of care to ensure that you are not exposed to hazards that could cause you to suffer a slip and fall accident.

But by the same token, you as a hotel patron have a responsibility to not take unnecessary risks or act in a negligent manner. So let’s say you do have the misfortune of falling and injuring yourself while staying at a hotel, is it possible to successfully sue for damages? Well, it depends on the circumstances that led to the fall.

If your fall was preventable, but the staff failed to take proper, timely action to alleviate a hazard, the hotel could be considered liable. For example, if you slipped on some water that had seeped from a leaky ice machine and the staff was aware of the issue, you may have a strong case. On the other hand, if a hotel patron falls while participating in some form of horseplay, then it is less likely that his or her claim would receive a favorable verdict from the court.

But the key to successfully proving negligence on behalf of the hotel or staff requires proving that the hotel breached its duty of care and that the breach was responsible for causing your injury. Establishing negligence requires an understanding of liability laws and the ability to gather evidence that proves a plaintiff’s claim. These are the skills that an experienced personal injury attorney can provide to help you seek appropriate compensation.