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Phone defects blamed on design errors and desire for profits

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2016 | Products Liability

It seems consumers are constantly inundated with new devices to purchase. And each subsequent piece of gear is intended to be sleeker and more functional than previous versions of the same kind of device. And while this certainly stimulates customer interests and potentially large profits for the producers of the latest and greatest gadgets, it is possible that some products are being brought to market too quickly.

You have likely heard about the very serious issue that has affected Samsung’s latest model of phone, the Galaxy Note 7. The phones were shipped with potentially explosive batteries. The problem turned out to be so profound, and the phones are so dangerous, that Samsung has issued two recalls and has discontinued the product. Moreover, the U.S. government has warned that anyone knowingly taking one of the devices onto a plane could face criminal charges.

So how could things get so out of hand? Well, there are several factors that may have contributed to the hazardous fiasco. For one thing, the batteries were not subjected to independent testing, which is a common practice in the industry. Additionally, for several reasons, Samsung has transitioned away from using replaceable batteries and opted for batteries that are more difficult and expensive to replace. The decision could have proven profitable for Samsung as the company could have charged customers to have the batteries replaced.

So it appears that in their zeal to maximize profits, Samsung may have made unsound design choices and bypassed important testing methods. And sadly, the result was a product that was so dangerous that it was not fit for public consumption.

But Samsung is far from the only company that has made errors in design and manufacturing that yielded a dangerous product. And if you or someone in your family should have the misfortune of being injured by a defective product, you may wish to contact an experienced products liability attorney. The attorney could work to help you prove that the product was responsible for injuries in an effort to get you compensation for the damage done.

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