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Some days are tougher than others when driving in NYC

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2016 | Car Accidents

Driving through New York City is a challenge on just about any day at any time. But there are some days that are particularly tricky. For example, if you motor through Manhattan when the United Nations is in session, you will face extra traffic congestion. But big events are not the only cause of slow moving traffic.

Officials used data culled over a two year period from the GPS devices outfitted in the city’s taxi cabs to create a database that allows for a very specific evaluation of traffic patterns. The database was created to act as a tool for helping traffic planners make improvements to the city’s street infrastructure.

So what days does the data say will cause the most headaches while traversing the Big Apple? Well, in terms of a typical week, Wednesdays in Manhattan can be especially trying. And practically the entire month of November can also be daunting.

Of course, rain, motorcades, and parades can serve to make things slower and more crowded. And when such events take place on a Wednesday, you’ve really got a frustrating ride in store. But more traffic does not just mean added frustration, it can also create more hazards for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

Traffic congestion is a given in New York City and accidents are inevitable, but that does not mean that an injury causing collision should ever be viewed as trivial. If you or someone in your family was harmed in a car accident, a New York personal injury attorney could investigate the incident and help you get compensation to cover your medical and other related expenses.