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When bystanders are hurt in construction accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2016 | Premises Liability

Workers are not the only ones who can be hurt when mishaps happen at construction sites. Such incidents could also end up harming bystanders.

One type of bystander accident that could happen near construction sites is a person getting hit by a falling object from the site. Such incidents could come about in many ways, such as though a tool being dropped, a piece of equipment (like a crane or a scaffold) collapsing, debris coming loose or an object not being as secured as it should have been.

Different construction activities can carry different risks for bystanders (such as different falling object risks). So, when it comes to the tasks a construction project would involve, it is important for construction companies to carefully think about the particular level of bystander risk each task would pose and to take steps to protect bystanders from these risks. It is also important for such companies to avoid negligence that would up the dangers the project could pose to passersby.

In your opinion, how vigilant are construction companies here in New York at protecting bystanders?

When a bystander accident occurs in relation to a construction site, the victim may have various legal options available to them in regards to seeking compensation. Now, pursuing such options can have many complex accepts, and thus can be a process where a person could easily find themselves confused without good guidance. So, when a bystander has been injured by a mishap at a construction site, they may want a skilled lawyer’s help in their pursuit of fair compensation.

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