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When toy shopping for the holidays, watch out for recalled toys

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2016 | Products Liability

Over the next few weeks, lots of people will be doing holiday shopping. Some parents will be searching online sellers for the right toys to get as presents for their children. When deciding what toys to give their kids for the holidays, one thing it can be important for parents to keep in mind is safety.

There are various safety-related things a parent may want to look into when it comes to a toy they are thinking of getting their child. One is whether the toy has been recalled. Recalled toys could pose special safety dangers to kids.

Now, some parents might assume that, if a toy has been recalled, they won’t have to worry about accidentally running across it in their shopping. However, a recent report indicates that a fair number of recalled toys are still being sold online.

The report, made by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, looked at 41 toys that were recalled this year. The report indicates that 16 of these toys can still be purchased online through online retailers.

So, when buying a toy online for their kid for the holidays, a parent may want to double-check to make sure there isn’t anything that would bring the toy’s safety into question, such as it being recalled.

Now, there are a wide range of things that could lead to a toy being recalled, including: it posing a choking hazard, its battery units being at risk of overheating or it containing a toxic substance (like lead). One would hope that, when toy manufacturers discover a safety problem with one of their toys that indicates that it should be recalled, they would promptly recall the toy and take actions to help ensure consumers know about the recall.

When a toy company falls short in its recall-related actions, it could be unnecessarily exposing children to harm. When a child is hurt by a toy here in New York, their parent may want to have a personal injury attorney look into the toy and the circumstances surrounding it (including any recall-related actions taken regarding the toy by its maker) to get a picture of their possible legal options.

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