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Animal bite risks over the holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2016 | Premises Liability

There are all kinds of special events that are held over the holiday season. Some of these involve animals. Sometimes, the animals involved in such events are ones you don’t typically see here in the United States. So, this time of year can see some unusual animal bite risks come up.

For example, reports recently arose in another state of a type of animal bite you don’t often hear about here in the U.S.: a camel bite.

The reports regarded a church in Maryland that reportedly was hosting a holiday show that included live animals, such as camels. Last Saturday afternoon, a call was made to emergency responders by someone at the church reporting a camel bite. The caller said that the bite was to a man’s arm and had happened during preparations for the show.

An ambulance was requested by the caller. Paramedics never made it to the scene, as the ambulance was canceled before it could arrive.

When hosting a holiday event involving animals, whether they be more common animals like dogs or animals of a more unusual variety, it can be important for the hosting organization to take steps to help prevent animal bites from occurring during the event or during the preparations for the event. Suffering an animal bite during the holidays could not only put a damper on the holidays for a person, but expose them to a range of harms, some of which could stick around for a long time. When a person here in New York is hurt by an animal that was involved in a holiday event or some other type of event, they may want to go to a skilled attorney for assessments of what legal options regarding compensation they may have in relation to their injuries.

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