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Suffering a head injury at work

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

Workplaces can pose many dangers for the employees who spend time in them each day. When employees suffer head injuries at work, they will need to seek medical attention immediately, and this can be costly. In addition, they will probably need to take unpaid leave in order to make full recoveries.

During the process of recovering from a head injury that occurred at work, workers can suffer financially. This is the primary reason that workers’ compensation is in place. Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that employers must have to protect their injured workers. These benefits can be useful after a head injury occurs causes a worker to have to pay out-of-pocket expenses.

What are the most common types of head injuries that occur at work?

Head injuries can happen in many different ways in the workplace. They most often happen in high-risk workplaces, like construction sites or factories. It is important for workers to wear hard-hats whenever it’s appropriate. Falling objects tend to be the most common cause of head injuries, especially when objects fall from scaffolding high above construction sites. Head injuries can also occur in car accidents that take place during working hours. Commercial truck drivers who are involved in collisions might claim workers’ compensation for head injuries, for instance.

How is workers’ compensation calculated?

The amount of compensation that you will receive from workers’ compensation claims will usually depend on the severity of your injury. However, usually all reasonable and necessary medical services will be reimbursed or covered outright. In addition to the reimbursement of medical expenses from the injury, you may also be able to claim a portion of the lost wages that you suffered.

When can a workers’ compensation claim be denied?

While accidents and injuries in the workplace will almost always be covered, claims may be denied in the event that it can be proven that the injured worker was engaging in horseplay or other forbidden activities that caused or contributed to the injury.

If you suffered a head injury at work, it is important to take action and recoup the damages that you incurred.