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Swimming pool safety for older children

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

Parents of young children are typically extremely vigilant when their child is near a swimming pool. Younger children tend to have lower swimming proficiency, and they are of a much higher risk of drowning or slipping when in or near the pool.

However, older children with a relatively high swimming proficiency can also be at risk of poolside injuries. In addition, the tendency for parents to be less vigilant around their older children can increase their risk of injury. The following are some key guidelines on pool safety, as well as the actions you can take if your child was injured at a public pool.

Non-slip mats should be installed around the pool

Children and adults can easily slip on wet floors. Children, however, have a higher propensity to rush or run without thinking of the consequences. Public pools should be aware of this risk, and make sure that non-slip mats are installed on all wet surfaces.

Pool depths should be clearly listed

Older children may want to practice their diving skills in a pool. However, doing so can be very dangerous in shallow waters. All pools should clearly list the depth of the pool in order to help avoid injury. Where necessary, they should also have “no diving” signs clearly displayed.

First aid kits should be available

If a child does become injured, the pool should have trained professionals to deal with the situation, as well as first aid kits. If they are lacking in these supplies, the situation can become more dangerous.

What action can I take if my child was injured at a public pool?

Children between the ages of 5 and 13 might be confident swimmers, but their limited sense of danger and risk can pose problems for them. If your child is injured at a pool, this does not mean that it is their fault, however. The premises owner has a responsibility to keep your child safe. If you can show that negligence was present, you may be able to make a legal claim in New York City.

It is important to consider whether you believe that the owner of the public pool could have prevented the injury. If you think that they could have, you may be able to claim damages.