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Common slip-and-fall injuries that occur in summer

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

In the summer months of New York, we are more likely to spend time in outdoor spaces, enjoying the summer. We may, for example, take our children to playgrounds and outdoor adventure and theme parks. While these types of activities can be great fun for all the family, they also invite some level of danger.

If you or your family member was injured this summer, they may have suffered significantly. In addition to the initial pain caused by the accident, they may also have to pay for medical treatment. Also, wages may have been lost as a result of needing to stay at home to recover. The following are some of the most common injuries that occur on premises during the summer months.

Wet areas on playgrounds

Adverse weather conditions can occur in the summer, too. Even though it might be a sunny day, puddles and wet surfaces may remain after a rainstorm. If your children are spending time on a playground, it is important to make them aware of this. If a puddle arose from unsafe conditions such as uneven surfaces, you may be able to hold the premises owner responsible.

Hazards on the ground

Hazards such as sharp objects and trash left on the ground should be cleaned up by premises owners. If they are not cleaned up and a person trips and injures themselves, they may be able to take legal action.

Inadequate outdoor lighting

Lighting is extremely important when navigating spaces, both indoors and outdoors. If poor lighting led you or your child to slip and fall on a premises, you may be able to argue that the premises owner was negligent in their failure to install adequate lighting.

Cracks and holes on surfaces

Parking lots and playgrounds should be adequately maintained by the owner to avoid accidents. Cracks and holes should be fixed within a reasonable timeframe, especially if they pose a significant risk to safety.

You should question whether the injury that has affected your family could have been prevented if the premises had taken responsibility for safe practices. If you want to gain back damages for the pain and suffering caused, it is important that you take action to assert your rights.