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Motorcyclists: Beware of the influx of traffic in the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

Summer is here, and with it comes the rush of tourism and the traffic. As someone who loves to be on your motorcycle, you know that the influx of traffic can be dangerous. It’s always hazardous to be on a vehicle that is so much smaller than those around you, but with the addition of drivers who aren’t familiar with the area, you’re at an even higher risk of getting hit.

Among motorcycle crashes, one of the most common causes is a driver who pulls out in front of you to make a left-hand turn. Due to physics, it’s possible that your vehicle may appear to be moving more slowly than it is. This, then, leads to others pulling out, thinking that they have enough time to stop.

In other cases, the smaller size of your vehicle makes it less likely to be seen, especially on busy city streets where there are many things drivers have to look at and watch out for. That doesn’t mean they have an excuse to hit you, but it does explain why drivers are more likely to collide with motorcyclists.

What can you do to improve the outcome of a motorcycle crash?

As a motorcyclist, you should know the importance of wearing your helmet and safety gear. Wearing a quality helmet and riding gear protects you against injury, giving you padding if you fall, preventing road rash and preventing serious blows to your head and neck.

Another good tip is to slow down as much as possible if you think a crash is imminent. Even if you can only slow by 5 to 10 mph, chances are that the slower speed will make a huge difference in how serious your injuries are. In some instances, reducing your speed could change the outcome from a fatal accident to one with moderate or serious injuries.

Overall, you should know that riding a motorcycle is always going to be dangerous, but by being vigilant and paying attention to the road and other drivers’ actions, you’ll have the best chance of preventing a serious collision. Wearing the right gear, slowing down if you see the potential for a collision and doing what you can to follow the traffic laws will all help you avoid a crash that could be life-changing. If you are hit, then your attorney will help you file a lawsuit or insurance claim.