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Immigrant workers and on-the-job injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

In America, workers have rights, regardless of their immigration and documentation status. You may think that you have fewer rights than an American citizen, but when it comes to workplace safety, that is not the case. Your employer must maintain a safe work environment for all employees.

If you become injured at work in New York, you may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Alternatively, you may be able to sue to receive money for medical care, loss of wages and suffering caused by your injuries. Do not let fears of retaliation or deportation stop you from receiving the care you deserve. If you become injured on the job, follow these steps.

See a doctor

The first priority is receiving proper medical attention. Even if you feel that your injuries are minor, see a doctor. Physicians notice details that you might not, and they can detect a small issue before it becomes a large problem. A thorough examination sometimes reveals a serious condition that was not apparent at first glance. This is especially true of falls that may result in head injury or internal damage.

Inform your employer

You must tell your manager or supervisor about your injury. Submit a written summary, including all relevant details, within 30 days of the incident. In the case of an occupational disease such as hearing loss, you may have up to two years to inform your employer of your ailment.

Seek assistance

Just as you consulted a doctor regarding your medical needs, you may need to turn to other professionals during the recovery process. The first doctor visit may not be the only one you need; follow up with specialists as necessary.

Filing a claim may be too complex for you to navigate alone. Do not hesitate to get help from those familiar with the process. Reach out to an interpreter if a language barrier presents a problem. Remember you are not alone. Every person, regardless of where they were born or what they do for a living, deserves a healthy, happy life.