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3 reasons to attach a camera to your motorcycle helmet

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Because motorcycles are smaller and more agile than cars, trucks or SUVs, you may be at increased risk of an accident every time you ride. Therefore, you should always put on a high-quality helmet and other pieces of protective riding gear before climbing behind the handlebars. 

While there is no legal requirement that you attach a video camera to your riding helmet, you may want to do so. After all, helmet cameras provide additional protection for three clear reasons. 

1. Spot future riding dangers 

Football coaches often use game footage to improve team play. Your helmet camera can accomplish a similar objective. That is, if you film your rides, you can review the footage to spot future riding dangers. If the footage reveals near misses on congested roads or other riding risks, you can avoid dangerous areas on upcoming rides. 

2. Document an unexpected accident 

Even if you ride carefully and defensively, you may not be able to avoid a motorcycle accident forever. Fortunately, you can probably pursue compensation for your injuries and property damage from whomever caused the crash. To do so, you need as much information about the incident as you can gather. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, the footage from your helmet camera may help you describe exactly how the crash unfolded. 

3. Minimize potential road rage 

For whatever reason, motorcycle riders seem to be particularly vulnerable to road rage. While disengaging is often an effective way to deal with angry motorists, having a helmet camera may also help. That is, an irate driver may be less likely to assault you if he or she knows you have a video record of the altercation. If an assault happens, your footage may assist authorities in capturing the culprit. 

Motorcycle crashes and road rage put your life in danger. While you may not be able to eliminate your risk of sustaining a serious injury when you ride your motorcycle, installing a helmet camera may be an invaluable component of your overall safety strategy.