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What are America’s most deadly jobs?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Workplace Accidents

It is a fact that some jobs are simply much more dangerous than others. While it is possible to sustain debilitating injury in any workplace, even an innocuous office setting, some jobs are more predisposed to fatal injuries than others.

Habitually dangerous jobs include construction, aviation, and general manual labor. According to Business Insider, the most dangerous job in the US regarding the death rate amount 100,000 full-time workers is logging.

What causes the most fatal work injuries?

Data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that the cause of most fatal workplace incidents is transportation-related issues. Other leading causes of fatal work injuries include tripping, falling, contact with dangerous equipment or workplace objects and violence inflicted from other people or animals.

Why is logging so dangerous?

Logging is a very physically demanding job, much like working on a construction site. Experts estimate that fatal injuries occur at a rate of nearly 100 per 100,000 workers. The very nature of the work itself is dangerous, given that the workplace involves falling trees and lots of extremely dangerous equipment to cut the giant trees.

Another specific factor that makes logging so dangerous is that typically there is no hospital within easy commuting distance. Working on a construction site is also very physically demanding and potentially dangerous, often involving lots of heavy equipment and working at great heights. However, many construction projects are within or close to major cities and, thus, the workers are close to medical care. Timber resources are far away from cities, so if a logger sustains injury it is much more likely to become fatal.