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Site investigation helps establish fault for a vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motor vehicle crash can result in devastating injuries. It is essential to know what happened and who caused the accident.

Advocates for the injured victim will initiate a thorough investigation of the crash site and look for evidence that will help determine who was at fault.

Scene investigation explained

When a roadway accident occurs, law enforcement will perform a preliminary investigation and mark the scene. This means they will use flags and spray paint to indicate key items. The police officers and highway patrol will take photos and video footage, write their reports and secure the crash site.

Types of evidence

In addition to the items police officers mark at the crash site, other roadway evidence of importance includes:

  • Skid marks and tire tracks
  • Gouges in the pavement
  • Damage to guardrails, curbs, telephone poles and other structures
  • Fluid stains, such as brake fluid, radiator fluid, engine oil and blood
  • Vehicle debris and broken glass
  • Final resting positions of the vehicles

Need for rapid response

The legal team representing someone injured in the crash must investigate the crash site promptly or critical evidence may vanish through wind and rain, traffic, sun exposure and other disturbances. Police usually cannot take the time to collect all available evidence, so the team working on behalf of the victim may well include professionals such as forensic engineers and accident reconstructionists. The injured victim of a vehicle crash has the right to expect full and fair insurance compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more. The investigation of the crash site will help provide the evidence needed for the victim to file a claim.